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Comment network into Europe’s largest local coupon market Qype

March 9th, 2011 No comments

Location-based assessment and referral services Qype ( today announced the acquisition of the Munich companies, this means Qype began to compaq presario cq60 battery  the local market coupons. Details of the transaction were not disclosed.

Qype is headquartered in Hamburg, with offices in London and Paris, is Europe’s largest user-generated review site (more than Yelp). After the acquisition Cooledeals, it will offer coupons through The business was originally launched in Germany, but the company has plans elsewhere in Europe “quick launch” the service.

In other words, Groupon, DailyDeal promotions and other local suppliers and integrators are spreading across Europe. Cooledeals their coupons in Germany has been acer aspire one a110 battery  in third markets. Facebook, of course, do not forget to upstarts such as Foursquare. From the current situation, local coupons war just began.

The inherent advantages Qype

Industry that: a sense, Qype has passed the sign, comments and recommendations received a lot of business users, and increase the coupon business (it is likely to be integrated into mobile applications), the feeling like is to “profit” Unscrew the tap a few. Interestingly, Qype is achieved through the increased acquisition of coupon business, but of course there is money to go Qype this shortcut.

Last November, in order to increase investment in the mobile business, Qype for a new round of financing and raised to 650 million euros. It now appears, Qype, there was an attempt to enter the coupon market. One of its investors, Vodafone Ventures, so Qype can put a “co-branded” version of the dell latitude d620 battery  pre-installed Vodafone device, such as Britain, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands and Ireland’s BlackBerry and Android phones.

Therefore, Qype in Europe has a large user base (17 million monthly visitors), it is saying cooperation between mobile operators is very strong on the basis of such a local coupon business has inherent advantages.

Battery : Power in the journey

February 27th, 2010 No comments

Who wants to buy is not always fresh laptop batteries for cameras and music players, invest in rechargeable batteries. Eventually, the discharged current donors up to 1000 times more recharge, promises to advertising. But beware: Error loading reduced performance and life of a battery dramatically. COMPUTER IMAGE tells you what to consider when buying dell xps m1530 batteries and chargers.

For which devices is worthwhile to batteries?

For all devices, which consume a lot of power in a short time. For digital cameras, music player and flashlight dell xps m1730 Battery are therefore better than batteries. Although batteries are in AA (AA) – or micro format (AAA) with about 5 euros more expensive than batteries (75 cents). But an AA battery replaced during its lifetime 200 batteries.

What type of battery is best?

It depends on the intended use. A good price-performance ratio offer the popular nickel Metallydrid batteries. But for some purposes are nickel-cadmium batteries, lead and lithium-ion dell xps m1710 battery cells better. COMPUTER IMAGE describes the advantages and disadvantages of different types of the next page in this guide.

How long does a battery last?

Many manufacturers advertise the Dell latitude d620 Battery with claims such as “up to 1000 times rechargeable. But each discharge – this is the complete discharge of the battery marked by prolonged disuse – and every overloading damages the battery. In practice, most power sources to create around 400 charge cycles.

What should I consider when buying a charger?

Buy only chargers that are suitable for the type of xps m1530 battery . Not every device can load as antiquated nickel-cadmium cells. And for lead or lithium batteries, you need a device with constant voltage. Good chargers have the following features:

* Microprocessor control: It ensures that the battery is fast, but also gently loaded.

* Power Off: You know when your xps m1730 Battery is full (see picture above right).

* Maintenance Mode: The device thus determines the battery is charged and discharged completely before recharging it, the so-called “memory-preventing effect”. This effect occurs especially for nickel-cadmium: they are often discharged only partially formed in the interior of crystals. Result: The battery stores less energy.

What types of chargers are available?

* Universal Chargers: load except AA or AAA batteries, including 9-volt batteries, flashlights, or thick blocks (Baby or mono cells) with high capacity Dell Latitude D820 Battery. They are available from 25 euros.

* Compact charger with microprocessor control: they make up to four Sony VGP-BPS8 AA or micro-cells in three to four hours afloat again. They are have over 21 euros.

* Fast-Chargers: This “turbo-charge” sony vgp-bps13 batteries to make it operational in 15 minutes. But for up to 6 amps to flow (that’s the measure of the strength of electricity), and this shortens the life span to about 250 charge cycles. Most devices do not make it to recharge standard batteries in fifteen minutes altogether. A little bit longer’s in practice already.