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T60 Rival HP Notebook nc6400 Evaluation

All along, the ThinkPad T Series notebooks have occupied the leading position of domestic high-end business notebook, but HP nc series business notebook has never ceased to contend with at this level. Following the launch nc6230 confront ThinkPad T43, in the era of dual-core HP introduced the HP Compaq nc6400 with the ThinkPad T60 contest.
Design orientation: for business people to provide safe, fast, lightweight HP Compaq Business Notebook 6510b battery mobile computing platform.

Target group: high-end business professionals.

Rival models: the ThinkPad the T60.

Market advantages: all the details of the relative T-series is no less, and more cost-effective, three-year site service.


This the HP Compaq nc6400 Intel Core Duo processor T2500, Frequency 2.0GHz, 667MHz FSB, 2MB L2 cache, 65-nanometer manufacturing process. Its PCMARK05 CPU score of 4400, between the T5500 processor 4250 and 4650 of the T5600 processor is not prominent. We also know that the update of the business notebook is lagging behind the home notebook, believe that the Core 2 Duo HP Compaq nc6400 is also about to launch.

Generally speaking, if the upgrade to Core 2 Duo processor, you can achieve HP Compaq Business Notebook 6700 battery better results, but as a business notebook, HP nc6400’s performance is very balanced, you can get 8 points.

Functional performance

Weight, this notebook with a 6-cell battery and weighs only 2.0Kg, very good. And 6-cell battery life is good and the maximum endurance test in the BatteryMark-401, 280 minutes. The maximum life of 4 hours and 40 dual-core discrete graphics, we should say is ideal. In addition, you can add additional battery to double or triple the battery usage time. And rapid charging technology available HP Compaq Business Notebook 6710b battery within 90 minutes the laptop battery charge to 90%.

The notebook has high-speed 56K modem, Broadcom NetLink Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000 NIC), Intel PRO / Wireless 3945ABG 802.11a/b/g, integrated Bluetooth 2.0, very rich.

The interface has a PCMCIA slot, SD / MMC card reader, Smart Card slot, S-video TV output, VGA port, docking connector, accessories battery connector, headphone jack, microphone jack, AC adapter, RJ-11 interface, RJ-45 interface, 3 USB 2.0 ports, fast infrared port. But unfortunately that does not provide the IEEE1394. In addition, with the ultra-thin 9.5 mm drive DVD burner.

Security aspects of smart card slot (high-end models), biometric HP Compaq Business Notebook NX6100 battery fingerprint sensor, the screen privacy filter (optional), security lock slot, HP ProtectTools, protection tools, hardware and software.

Robust in terms of its unique anti-designated panel design, can effectively resist the daily friction wear, abnormal wear. Its magnesium-alloy case, more light than the ordinary metal casing and durable, with superior resistance to impact and effect. In addition, the head cover of the notebook is closed automatically remove the disk surface, while the hard disk at the bottom of two additional rubber pad, scientific and HP Compaq Business Notebook NC6400 battery effective protection of hard disk data. Moreover, the spill-resistant keyboard design, full range protects the internal components safe.

Sensory performance

From the security, reliability, ease of use, we can see that the design and process of this notebook is the top. Visual auditory and tactile feel to prove this point, the color is a little low-key and restrained, can be described as dazzling.

Its 14-inch widescreen resolution of 1280×800, and if the top version of the WXGA + (1440 x 900), the brightness of the ideal, and there is no mirror effect, to avoid light reflection. Its lower border with automatic ambient light sensor can automatically adjust the screen brightness.

Its speaker PremierSound high-definition audio systems, large volume, clear, and surprising in a commercial machine. However, the two speakers are all located on the right side of the notebook front end, so the time to listen to experience to the sound came from the same side, feeling a little strange.

Excellent feel of the keyboard, each key is independent of HP Compaq Business Notebook NC6200 battery each other, a strong rebound and percussion comfortable. And dual pointing devices for the commercial variety of options, the mouse buttons do not enter a lot of intensity, light and touch.
Fan is located in the notebook the upper left corner, the left side of the outlet, regardless of heat or noise, a very small impact on users. And, because the power control processor and discrete graphics for everyday use when heat is not a lot.

The shortcut keys, undoubtedly the most useful volume adjustment built to inappropriate volume in business dealings, is not polite. In addition, the wireless switch, the switch of the projector resolution is very close. Preloaded with Windows XP Professional, which eliminates the worry about software. 3-year limited warranty (3 years parts / labor / system battery 1 year), mainland China site service, an ADP accident HP Compaq Business Notebook NC6400 battery protection responsibility and thoughtful in every possible way.

The nc6400’s sensory performance seems to be impeccable, their service level is significantly higher than the ThinkPad T series allows users to experience high quality service.


Some surprising performance of the HP Compaq nc6400, the flagship business notebook will be in all aspects of excellence, but the nc6400 in a safe, durable, easy-to-use, mobile, service, comfort, etc. Obviously they have more stringent requirements, its performance is also outstanding. Of course, as a business notebook, we will not see the Vista system product in the short term, that is, nc6400 XP Pro platform HP Compaq Business Notebook NC6105 battery will give us an ideal mobile computing program.


The overall weight of 2.0Kg, excellent endurance performance

Complete and rigorous safety and rugged design

VIP level of the top after-sales service

Mouse and keyboard screen to bring comfort and feel

Have in addition to the beyond 3G wireless solutions


Upgrade to Core 2 Duo at a slower pace, but should immediately see

Performance of the camera HP Compaq Business Notebook NC6400 battery need to consider the layout of the special speaker

Practical docking station, external batteries and other accessories does not provide a more attractive sale with.

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